Name Meaning Gender Numerology
1. vachanaword, promiseF5
2. ramalakshmiF6
3. Niveditaa discipline of swami vivekanandaF3
4. kaanchruchishining like goldF5
5. lavanglataaa beautiful creeper, name of a womanF2
6. lajjaashame, modesty, bashfulness, name of a sensitive plant, touch-me-notF8
7. daivikheavenlyM2
8. lakshawhite roseF7
9. lakshitarecognisedF9
10. channathe character of Buddha, famous, well-knownM5
11. chetas,intelligence, consciousnessM2
12. chetanaanimate, living, consciousM7
13. chirayuhaving a long lifeM4
14. chetanatma, mind, consciousM6


It's hard to detect good luck.

It looks so much like something you've earned.

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