Name Meaning Gender Numerology
1. jayinconquering, conquerorM5
2. jayavantaPossessed with long lifeM5
3. jayasu ryaname of a man, victory to the sunM5
4. jayakaramine of victor,, name of a manM5
5. jayasinghaname of a man, lion of victoryM5
6. jayavardhanaincreaser of success and victoryM5
7. jayamaadhavaname of a poetM5
8. jayapaalavictory-keeper, name of a nunM5
9. jayachandaa variation of the aboveM5
10. jayaghoshaa victory-shout, name of a manM5
11. jayakesiname of manM9
12. jayantathe moon, name of the son of IndraM9
13. jayeshbhima's other nameM5
14. kaashiraajaname of a king of Kaashi, father of Amba, Ambika and AmbaalikaaM5


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