Name Meaning Gender Numerology
1. subhaashashining beautifullyM8
2. yasmina flowerF9
3. aahutioffering, an oblation, a solemn rite in which oblations are offered to godsF6
4. samaymoment, timeM5
5. jaisudhanectar of victoryF1
6. anukritiimitationF4
7. pratisthaglory,dignityF4
8. prajaktagoddess of creationF6
9. piyooshanectarF9
10. jayinconquering, conquerorM5
11. jayasu ryaname of a man, victory to the sunM5
12. jayakaramine of victor,, name of a manM5
13. jayasinghaname of a man, lion of victoryM5
14. jayavardhanaincreaser of success and victoryM5
15. jayamaadhavaname of a poetM5
16. jayapaalavictory-keeper, name of a nunM5
17. jayachandaa variation of the aboveM5
18. jayaghoshaa victory-shout, name of a manM5
19. jayakesiname of manM9
20. jayantathe moon, name of the son of IndraM9
21. jayeshbhima's other nameM5
22. kaashiraajaname of a king of Kaashi, father of Amba, Ambika and AmbaalikaaM5


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